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Use the power of your mind to...

In our journey towards transforming ourselves into more vital, fit and joyous human beings meditation is a powerful tool. Physically meditation exerts a strong rejuvenating effect on the entire body; boosting serotonin, DHEA and growth hormone, lowering blood pressure, empowering the immune system amongst a host of other amazing things.

Mentally and emotionally it crushes anxiety, increases our sense of happiness and wellbeing and contributes to greater focus and clarity. There is, however, a serious side effect: You become biologically younger!

If one were to imagine there was a pill or injectable drug that could replicate all the benefits of consistent meditation, a pharmaceutical giant would have patented it and placed it out of reach of common folk. But it’s not, it’s free and accessible to anyone.

Don’t be misled into thinking meditation is only for the reclusive mystic and monk, many celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs sing its praises. Hugh Jackman has been practising it for over 20 years and credits it as one of the most important techniques for living a more fulfilling life. Considering his capacity to metamorphose himself into a muscular superhero in his mid-40’s maybe we should take note.

For myself the benefits of meditation manifest in more flow, optimism and sense of purpose in my life. I recover faster from hard training, sleep better and am just a better all-round human being. My personal clients who regularly meditate invariably make more rapid and lasting progress that those who don’t.

Whilst I’d suggest this is somewhat due to the cultivation of a hormonal and metabolic environment better suited to health, fat loss and muscle gain there are equally important mental factors. Put plainly they are less fragile. Rather than seeing their diet and training as a chore, they are able to see it more clearly as positive affirmation of their ability to transform themselves as they see fit. Which of course it is.

You shouldn’t take my word for it, the real benefits of meditation will only ever be experienced if you try it yourself. My 7-Day Reset program contains a simple meditation routine that you can start today for free.

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