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Thank for your interest in the 6 Week Lean for Life Challenge






So what does the Challenge involve?


The SIX WEEK LEAN FOR LIFE CHALLENGE has been developed through my work as CEO of Body Alchemy Fitness. It is highly personalised and it works.  So if you are ready to take the challenge to change, my pledge to you is that you will:


  • Shed unwanted fat

  • Become fit and healthy

  • Be in the best shape of their life

  • Learn how to train for real results

  • Understand why nutrition is the real game changer.


The key elements of your personal challenge


This program will challenge you to rethink everything you thought you knew about training, fitness and nutrition. You will be challenged to commit to the program so that day by day over the next six weeks you will move steadily and surely towards your health and fitness goals. As I will be working with you one on one during the challenge, at this stage it is only available to people living in the Geelong region.


The key elements of the Challenge are training, nutrition and motivation. 





















  •  Two, one hour training sessions where I will work with you one on one.

  • MMA style conditioning, boxing, body weight training, TRX, kettlebells, modified gymnastics

  • Training customised for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced

  •  Personalised weekly conditioning challenges

  • Unique mini metabolic workouts

  • And guess what? NO GYMS



  • Access to a personalised online three phase nutrition program to take you step by step, meal by meal through your eating plan

  • Phase 1 - detox and fat loss

  • Phase 2 - strategically using carbs to accelerate fat loss

  • Phase 3 - personalising your nutrition for lifelong leanness

  • One hour personal nutrituion consultation.


When does the Challenge start?


To ensure that everyone who takes up the Six Week Fit for Life Challenge gets the help and support they need there are only 10 places available on each Challenge - and due to the highly personalised nature of the program it is only available in Geelong.




There is an investment involved with the Challenge which is $75 a week or $450 for the six week program. However if you have a buddy who is also interested in taking up the Challenge and training with you the fee drops to $50 a week for each person or $300 each for the full 6 weeks. 


To confirm your place sign up now to be part of the  next SIX WEEK LEAN FOR LIFE CHALLENGE. Once your payment has been received I will send you a questionaire so that we can get started.  




John Walsh 

Body Alchemy Fitness CEO and Coach 


PS If you would like to hear from people who have already had amazing results working with me check out the success stories on my website



Hi, my name is John Walsh and I am a personal trainer with a cause. I want to challenge as many people as I can to break the seemingly endless cycle of losing weight only to put it all back on again - and more.


If this is you then my goal is to give you all the tools, advice, information and support you will need you to become LEAN not just for a month, or the next six months but for LIFE. 


So if you are prepared to take up my SIX WEEK LEAN FOR LIFE CHALLENGE  my promise to you is that you will receive everything you need to achieve awesome results.  I will give you:


  • KNOWLEDGE: All the information you need to make real lifelong changes to the way you look and feel

  • SKILLS: I will show you how and when to train and exactly what you need to do get your nutrition right

  • BEHAVIOURS: You will learn how to modify your behaviours so that you become your own secret fat blasting weapon.


  • Unlimited email support during your challenge. I respond personally to all queries in 12 hours or less

  • Systemised weekly check-ins to keep you on target

  • On going modifications to ensure you get progressively better results

  • Bi-weekly Lean for Life updates packed with my trade secrets, fat burning recipes, tips, and much more 

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