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Reset for Fat Loss, Glowing Skin and Clear Eyes

As world renowned strength Charles Poliquin has rightly observed there are three basic ways someone can gain unwanted body fat and undermine their health:

  • Poor nutrition

  • Toxicity

  • Stress

Plainly stated the better you can address these things the better your body will look and feel. Granted the practical management of these concerns will be individual to everyone. For instance some people can just metabolically handle more “junk” calories than others, some can buffer more toxic stuff and others just handle stress much better than others. Bastards!

These people, however, are rare and in reality no one can poorly manage these things indefinitely. Eventually it catches up and commonly manifests as stubborn body fat, lack of energy, lagging libido, problematic skin conditions and accelerated ageing.

Fortunately the human body actually craves health and vitality. The problem is living in a modern world just provides us with too many ways to get in our own way. Accumulated toxins, inadequate nutrients and poor stress management are all powerful impediments to being at our best.

The remedy to this situation is actually learning how to get out of your own way so your body can express itself most naturally. I’ve found the easiest and most efficient way to do this is to periodically RESET yourself. The general principles of a reset include:

  • Reducing toxic load

  • Reseting your digestion and cultivate healthy bacteria

  • Consuming abundant sulphur rich foods

  • Consuming abundant cruciferous vegetables

  • Consuming adequate healthy fats

  • Strategically using high quality proteins

  • Supplementing if necessary

  • Hydrating properly

  • Alkalising

  • Meditating

With my clients I’ve used a number of individualised protocols that revolve around these principles. Universally everyone drops fat but what I’ve found surprising is just how good their skin and eyes look after a brief reset. Additionally they find an increase in natural energy and sleep so much better.

If you want to see what’s possible in as little as week I’ve written a comprehensive protocol the 7-DAY MIND-BODY RESET that anyone can use and get results.

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