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Transform your life in just 7 days


Lacking vitality and zest for life is the biggest barrier to becoming the person you want to be. Stress, lack of direction, accumulated toxins, poor nutrition and inadequate exercise will zap your vital batteries and leave you feeling stuck and dis-empowered. Fortunately these are also the factors you can most easily control and The 7 Day Mind Body Reset is the blueprint for taking action.

People from all walks of life from super athletes to retirees have tried the program and report results which exceeded their wildest expectations. Significant weight loss is a consequence of the program but other benefits are a renewed feeling of well being and purpose. If you would like to know what others who have completed the Reset have to say please check out the testimonials on my website

The 7 Day Mind Body Reset isn’t a diet or an exercise program. It is a brief but highly focussed protocol which incorporates a week long nutrition and body cleansing program with daily meditation.

Whilst fat loss is a consequence of the program this is not the sole aim. The Reset is not intended to be a long term eating plan, rather it is a quick and effective method for allowing you to experience a natural state of vitality and clarity. Additionally you will access a higher level of mental strength and confidence by simply completing this one week program.

Until recently the program was only available to clients I worked with one on one, but so that others can experience the benefits I have written The 7 Day Mind Body Reset as an ebook to give you a step by step, day by day blueprint for taking action.

The program will provide you with a simple plan to:

  • feel energised and motivated 

  • improve you physical appearance 

  • facilitate fat loss 

  • optimise your health 

  • rapidly cleanse and alkalise your system 

  • gain mental clarity and direction 

  • open you up to your unbounded potential to transform. 

The 7 Day Mind Body Reset ebook is only available from my company Body Alchemy Fitness and can be purchased online for $15.

Without doubt this will be the best $15 you spend this year, so let’s get started.


John Walsh 

CEO and owner of Body Alchemy Fitness


PS: If you would like to find out if The 7 Day Mind Body Reset is right for you please drop me an email at

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