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Meditation for Body Transformation


Exploring the impact of focussed and altered states of consciousness on the health and appearance of your body. This is a deeply practical manual for those who wish to push back the limitations of what they believe is physically possible. 

Whether you've simply struggled with modest physical changes, want to take your physique to the next level or have hugely ambitious goals this eBook will open doors that you thought might have been closed. 



1. What is possible and how to use this book

2. Embodying a physical ideal

3. Breathwork: Turning up the dial on your subconscious

4. Basic meditation techniques: benefits and application

5. Energy work: Cultivating, circulating and directing

6. Designing your own placebo for specific and general physical change

7. An end to biological ageing or 100 is the new 30.

8. An analysis of Neville Goddard's visualisation technique towards body transformation

9. X-Rated, hardcore and dangerous techniques

10. Closing: What does your soul want to look like?

Appendix: Sample 10 day program

Pre-Order Available in March 2020

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