May 14, 2015

Fat loss can be a fickle beast. Picture this scenario; a client confesses they’ve managed to lose a considerable amount of weight but – shrugging their shoulders in despair – they grab at their stomachs (if they’re an man) or thighs (if they’re a woman) and declare the...

May 3, 2015

In our journey towards transforming ourselves into more vital, fit and joyous human beings meditation is a powerful tool. Physically meditation exerts a strong rejuvenating effect on the entire body; boosting serotonin, DHEA and growth hormone, lowering blood pressure,...

March 27, 2015


There is a general assumption that when someone wants to “get in shape” that they must orientate themselves towards a single training strategy or style. So we see well-meaning individuals twisting their bodies into sweaty pretzels during Bikram yoga, pounding the pave...

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Lacking vitality and zest for life is the biggest barrier to transforming into the person you desire to become. Stress, lack of direction, accumulated toxins, poor nutrition and inadequate exercise will zap your vital batteries and leave you feeling stuck and disempowered.


The 7 Day Mind Body Reset is the ultimate antidote.

This program will provide you with a simple plan to:

• feel energised and motivated

• improve physical appearance

• facilitate fat loss

• optimise your health

• rapidly cleanse and alkalise your system

• gain mental clarity and direction

• put you in touch with your potential to truly transform yourself

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