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In spite of consistent advice that increased eating would kickstart my metabolism and lead to weaight loss, I was reluctanct to try it. However, having determined to give is a go, John from Body Alchemy Fitness tailered a balanced eating program that suit my training and time schedule and yielded immediate results. 


If you want to see results that WORK and are prepared to follow religiously the program that John tailors for you, then you'll be rewarded every time you stand on those dreaded scales!

Amy Weatherman

"I finished the program on Tuesday night and got on the scales on Wednesday and I lost 6.5KG... I was/am OVER THE MOON!!!!

I want to say a BIG thank you for letting me have the chance to do this! I really needed something like that to give me a guide line of where to start and what to do."

Brooke Stewart

"I have just completed John's 7 day reset and love the results! I feel great, have glowing skin, am much clearer minded and have lost 3 and a half kg. The plan was straight forward and all natural, no gimmicks or supplements. I have learned a lot of healthy habits which will be easy to maintain."

Suzanne Radford

End result 7.2 kg down as per doctors scales. . That's over 1kg a day. ..amazing. Doctor also said my blood pressure lowest it's been on record 123 /78."

John Riddell

"Dropped 6kg and now addicted to meditation."

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