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Did you know the average weight gain over the Christmas period is 1kg, that's 2.2lbs if you're American? That might not sound like much but consider that most people never lose that weight and every year it adds up and gets harder and harder to lose. 

If you'd rather not be part of the average crowd, there is an alternative. I'm not saying ditch Christmas Day celebrations, I certainly don't but I also get leaner at this time of year as well and I can show you how you can too. Last year I had a number of clients lose an average of 5kg prior to Christmas doing The 7-Day Mind Body Reset with one lucky girl losing 9kg in a week. 

The 7-Day Mind Body Reset isn't just a fat loss plan, it's a holistic approach that will make you look and feel amazing from the inside out. Do it just prior to Christmas to get those benefits whilst mitigating the festive gorging. I also recommend doing it again early in the New Year so you can start yourself off as you mean to go on.

The 7-Day Mind Body Reset is specifically designed to help you:

  • Loose fat quickly and safely

  • Reduce chronic inflammation

  • Reset your digestive system

  • Boost your energy and focus

  • Improve your complexion and give you clearer, brighter eyes

  • Put you on the path to long term transformation

  • Detox and cleanse your entire system


Ebook is 56 pages including indepth explanation of all protocols, sample menus, recipes, meditation guide and more.

Normally sells for $19 but because I'm not Scrooge it's half price until Christmas at only $9.50

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